So, I’m in the midst of thinking.  Anytime during the day.

Somehow the thought continually enters my mind, “What Would Jill Say?”  In the midst of dark thoughts, I’m heartened that she would “poke” me and send my thoughts elsewhere.  In the midst of bright thoughts, I’m heartened that she would remind me not to get too excited, but she would be excited with me.

As I thought through this, my mind then went to my own thoughts about how close Jesus is to me.  “What Would Jesus Say?” seems to have a much more distant ring to it.  I didn’t spend 35 years with Jesus, like I did with Jill. 

But I have spent 50 years following after Jesus.  Every once in awhile His Spirit does jog my memory towards doing the right thing, and when I’m happy there is this sense of peace that comes in (un)spoken ways.

So today, I’m wondering and wandering back to Jesus.  Just to catch a glimpse from others about Him, and to examine my own life to see where His path has intersected my path, and to ask Him to spend time talking with me today.