Yesterday morning I awoke to branches sprayed all over the yard.

The last few days before I arrived back, the sky had been ominous yellow and the clouds and weather unpredictable.  Wind storms churned up the sky last night.  So much so, that truckloads of debris have been taken to our local dump today!

In the early hours of the morning, I raked up what branches I could.  In the evening, a neighbour hauled them away.

My first thoughts as I was raking were – “I wonder what Jill would say.”

You see, in the past few years she was unable to do a lot of manual labour.  Her love of gardening was restricted.  She would watch me in the morning, out our back window.  Then, when I arrived inside, she would remark on the little things that made up the work I had been doing.

Nothing big.  Just something she noticed.  The comment was not earth shattering.  But the comment was recognition that she was watching and cared about what I was doing.

Some of the greatest things I miss are the small chatterings of companionship.