Well, earlier this evening I was off to a reception for a couple Jill and I had done  pre-marital counseling with.  The hall was just a few blocks away.

I walk in the door and see some local people.  They look as though they are the only familiar faces in the crowd.  So I volunteer to sit with them.  Then I head off to get some punch, and begin to encounter others.

Sarah had mentioned her parent’s friends.  Particularly this small group that had stayed together over the years – along with their families!  They no longer lived in the same town, but they kept up contact.  The “group” and their kids showed up!

And in the midst of this group.  The Cappelles – a couple who had worked with our music ministry in Prince Albert.  And my cousin Norm Stonehouse, and his family.   Well, I abandoned this other couple (they had also run across people they knew) and headed off to sit with my cousin and his family.  What fun!

As the reception came to the nine o’clock hour, I slipped away to visit with other friends who were passing through town.  They had been part of our music ministry in Prince Albert.  Along with another family we have known for years, we laughed, and discussed, and condolences were shared.  I was refreshed.

Now how good is that!  Don’t abandon your friends – they will prove your support in the years ahead!