About a month and a half ago I was wandering around my house.  I have chosen to keep things quite bare and sparse for a garden and flower bed.  That is based both on the fact that Jill mostly looked after the choice of flowers, and that I was adjusting to a “new normal.”

In my wandering, I saw a small plant.  New to me – unexpected.  I didn’t know how to tend the plant other than to water the soil.  Most days I would again check to see that the flower was still blooming.  As I became more attached, I contemplated how else I could keep the colors of life in this amazing plant.

I had  a planter filled with the soil that had nurtured other plants from other years.  I brought the pot out, placing it where  the sun would shine.  In the planter was other green growth.  Not too much to smother a new transplant. 

With a mind to bring the newness into my plant world, I carefully brought the flower, for which I really didn’t have a name, over to the planter and placed it there.  For the last while I have watered and tended.  Today, I love what I see!

Wildflower Aug 2012