I’m not one to go to movies.  Last night I was asked by our town youth council coordinator to come to a free movie.  The town youth council, an initiative of our local town council, put these on periodically.  Last year Jill and I went for a short time, then decided mosquitos and bed beckoned us home.

The movie this year was on the Lorax – a Dr. Seuss takeoff!  Lots of fun lines and unique characters.  The idea of following your heart and persevering and the love of a woman, and family tensions, and the old vs. the new, and the villain and the underdog . . . well, all those themes were there.  This could suit many ages!

I decided to attend solo.  I’m getting used to that term.  Some one has asked me what labels I use for myself.  I find there are many.  Some I have had to discard.  I am no longer married.  Some have not changed.  I am still a father.   Some are in flux.  I am a widower, but within that category I can fluctuate on what I emphasize in different areas, such as being single (am I “eligible” or “contented”). 

Last night I was solo.  By myself.  On the grass: chuckling at lines, hoping for the underdog, wanting the family to pull together.   And when the credits arose, I arose and slipped home.  Thankful for a night of entertainment.  Contented with the time off of other pursuits.  And ready for bed!!

That is what I would call a good movie night!