Well, yesterday was one of those days.  Household tasks needed fulfilled.  Wash and shopping were at the top of the list.

Wash is easy.  Put the clothes in to the washer.  Take them out.  Put them in the drier.  Take them out.  Iron those that are creased.  Put them all away.  Done!

Shopping is easy.  Take a list.  Oops – talk to people and meet families and share encouragement with other Christians.  OK, now you pick up the groceries.  Pay for them.  Come home and put them away.

But that got me thinking.  What about all that taco meat in the fridge?  And the apples on the counter? 

So, off to allrecipes.com!  The rest of the day, intermittently, took in the making of:

Apple juice

Apple crisp

Soft shelled tacos

Meanwhile,  I also arranged for a dinner party after church tomorrow.  Looks like 14 of us may show up.  More can be invited – there is space.  Although I may have to find more plates and  cutlery (always paper plates and plastic cutlery!!).

May you day today find space for the enjoyment of the table.  And may friends surround you!