Yesterday we unloaded furniture and filled an apartment with boxes.

In the midst of all this, I have to think back less than five years.  At that point, my knees were in bad shape.  I was about to have total knee replacement surgery.  I could barely walk around the block.

The surgery was successful.   The legs were no longer bow-legged.  Nor was there the constant pain of arthritis.

The one catch?  Keep on exercising or you will lose the mobility.  So, I have kept on exercising.  I try each day to spend 20 minutes on a stationary bike.  I enjoy fun times with children and youth.  As I come to the end of the day I am thankful for all I have been able to do.

And so, yesterday, I was in and out of the trailer.  I was not winded, nor is my body feeling overly tired today.  Of course, I used a wheeler and made sure I took trips back and forth with a judicious amount of weight – nothing too heavy. 

Some common sense along with continued exercise meant yesterday was enjoyable!