What fun September 21st was this year.  I had a small, short party!  No, the people were not short – the party was short.  Nor were the people small . . . OK, I’ll stop the descriptions there!  All this was held in my office at the church in the morning.  I think I blew out all the candles on the cake, although one was rather stubborn.

Then I traveled up to visit my daughter and the grandkids (Scott was off working in Manitoba).  On the way, I stopped by to see Randy and Connie Friesen.  And there was more cake!

Alli and Grandkids - September 22, 2012And finally to Alli’s where we had another cake!  And ribs!  And fun around the table. 

The trip was only planned as a birthday party, so I headed back today – with this picture of the family in my mind.