I’m up and cycling.  My morning routine includes 20 minutes of cycling (or 5 miles of riding on my stationary bike).  Then some sit-ups and off to the day ahead.

Today, I’m going to visit a number of places and think, pray and cogitate (look that one up!).  At the end of the day I will synthesize and prepare for Day TWO.

That which is upon my heart is a new wineskin for my new normal.  That includes work and play, family and friends, and of course how I connect with God.

This is not an attempt to “deconstruct” what is already there.  Instead, I build upon a great legacy in my life.  And I look for an even great joy and service in the coming years.

Who knows how many years we may have.  If today is the next day of your life, consider what your Day ONE should look like as you look into your future!!