Yesterday was uneventful (I had traveling mercies and was able to attend to each place I had on my list).  At the same time there were events.  Epiphanies if you want to call them that.  I can hardly wait to enter day TWO.

The idea today is to meet for lunch with some denominational pastors from the region.  We will discuss our vision for the area.

Now, I called the meeting and I’m providing the meal, so I will work from my agenda.  I want to talk a bit about what I am seeing.  And I want to hear from them. 

This morning will  include a bit of grocery shopping and meal preparation.  After the meal I will see how well I can summarize my visioning thoughts.  In the end, I want to prepare some type of distributable “thing”. 

And Saturday – I’m already working on a bit of a “speech” as I dedicate my life in the burnt offering of a new wineskin!  All sounds mysterious – I’ll have to jot some thoughts in the following blogs on how this has worked.

Pray with and for me in these days.  Deo Gloria!