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Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has been around for decades.  Within North America, there was a time when Billy was mentioned amongst the kings of the day.  Next year he turns 95.

In commemoration of his years of service, and to push forward the passion of Billy Graham, BGEA is launching a November 2013 program called “My Hope.”

Local churches are being asked to come alongside with this outreach into our communities.

Last week a representative of BGEA asked to come speak to some of our pastors.  The timeframe was short, but we were able to get a few of us committed to meet this morning at 8:00.

The work a church does is often plodding.  Every once in a while it is good to join together as a community with other churches.  And less often, but still needed, are those national and international cooperative efforts that can reach into a community. 

I look forward to today’s discussion.  We’ll see what hope there is of this coming to pass!

Tozer on instant Christians

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

From my morning reading:

. . . advocates of instant Christianity flaunt the law of development which runs through all nature.  They ignore the sanctifying effects of suffering, cross carrying and practical obedience.  The pass by the need for spiritual training, the necessity of forming right religious habits and the need to wrestle against the world, the devil and the flesh.

  • Taken from A.W. Tozer’s book  on the Incredible Christian, as quoted on page 105 of “The Best of A.W. Tozer”, compiled by Warren Wiersbe

The feast that was!

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I thought I would wait until today to post this thought!

I didn’t get sick 🙂

I have always enjoyed potlucks.  My children enjoyed potlucks.  The variety tended to be endless.

But women were always the cooks.  I’m trying to think of a potluck where only men cooked.  That goes back a few years in my thinking.  I can’t think of one.

So, I suppose this was a first.  For me!

Imagine this.  Teens creating their own dishes.  Adult males in the kitchen.  Meat as the main staple.  No pies!

What was left?  Take a look.

guys in the kitchen - September 16, 2012 small

Food and Facebook

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

With our “Guys in Kitchen” potluck today, I spent part of yesterday preparing.  I cooked a roast, made a  broccoli salad and brownies.  I must admit, this was fun.  In many ways the kitchen has become a relaxing point in my life.

After all the “hard” work, I posted this on Facebook.  Immediately there were a number of guys who replied about their dishes.  I hear there will be ham, another one is bringing brownies.  And believe it or not, the teen-age sons are more into this than their fathers!

Never expected that!

So, I’m off to church soon.  Dale Gilbert will coordinate the food service.  He mentioned that this will be either well organized or pure chaos.  Men in the kitchen is always interesting (and I use that word loosely!).

May your meals of this day be as welcomed as this meal is for me!!

7:00 sights

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

As I stepped from my house this morning, I was greeted by two neighbours.  One was completing his morning walk.  We remarked on the weather – the wind has died down.

The second was on her way home from work at our local seniors complex.  She also said “Hi.”  Then we verged into talk about her kids, the opportunity to get together for a meal and about church. 

I’m glad for early morning risers.  Makes the day begin well and encourages me that my home here is a great place to live.

On accepting Christ

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Writing about a 1/2 century ago, A.W. Tozer talked about the term, “Accepting Christ”.  In our day and age, that is still bandied about, but certainly not as much part of the vocabulary of the regular person.

The part that struck me was his thoughts on being inclusive and exclusive.

As you know, our society has made inclusivity the hallmark of a citizen.  We must include everyone in everything.  The flattening on society has meant that excellence is not necessary, nor is a sense of right and wrong.  Those are general statements that carry exceptions.   But, “in general . . .”

Tozer states that a Christian is all-inclusive.  All of their life is given all to Jesus.  Not a part – all of life is included in our commitment to Jesus.

A Christian is also all-exclusive.  There is no giving of partial allegiance to Jesus and partial allegiance to another person, force or consideration.  All to Jesus!

Reading these statements a 1/2 century later means I am in a different world than that in which Tozer wrote.  But somehow the atmosphere of life has not changed.  Christians live in the balance of exclusivity and inclusivity.  Just not the way our society proclaims these terms.

Master Chef and me

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

What fun to watch the final episode of “Master Chef” with some friends.  Being the neophyte cook that I am, I had all sorts of comments.  Mostly, from my vast store of experience, I would pronounce truths of culinary expertise!


A few months ago, I knew very little.  Now I know a little more.  But not much, in comparison to those who have made this their passion.

Now, I enjoy cooking more than I expected.  And I tend to have opinions on many things.  As the evening went on, though, I needed to zip my lip (quite literally). 

What makes us experts when we have so little knowledge?  Often times this may be part of our learning curve – when others help us see our stupidity.  Other times we are full of ourselves and what we know – when we know very little.

And every ONCE in a while you may actually hit on a great nugget of truth.  I remind myself – every ONCE in a while.  And last night was probably more on the other side.

But it was fun!!!!

When life exceeds expectations

Monday, September 10th, 2012

That’s what happened at our morning breakfast for our Family Bible School yesterday.  We knew this kick-off would be without some of our teachers.  In fact, 1/2 of them would be unable to attend.

This we knew.  What we didn’t know was that more new participants would want to take in the meal.  And the games.  And the social time.  And the food.  And the friends.  And the introductions.

Considering we had a regular attendance of around 35 last year, when more than 50 showed up, we were surprised.  Of course, the food people were prepared.

A little aside here!  I’ve decided when you are put in charge of providing food, you overdo the quantity.  Next week we have a Men in Kitchen potluck.  Already I’m hearing that some men are planning to bring a main dish, a salad and a dessert – just in case, “the other men don’t bring anything!”

So, in the end the morning was beyond our expectations – we hadn’t even set enough tables and had to pull out more! 

Next week?  I get my first chance to teach my prized Grades 5-7 class – with up to 15 possibly showing up.  Won’t that be fun 🙂

Painting and such

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Yesterday I spent almost six hours with teens – and their fearless leader, Wayne Gibson.  We were painting a “theatre” area in the local museum. 

I had almost forgotten that I had painted “professionally” when I was in college.  So, I ended up teaching teens how to paint, and doing a little painting myself.  When you don’t have to paint too often, the fun can still be there.

Here’s a link to let you see what we were about:

When phone calls just happen

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Yesterday my daughter phoned.  Just to chat.

I had been planning on calling her.  My son had called the day before.  And a good friend had also called. 

When a trinity of calls arrives unexpectedly – and none of the calls were written in my agenda book, or scheduled as “hangouts” on Google – you sense maybe God is in it!

I’m sure that was the case. 

And so, I’ve learned more about what each one is doing.  I know where prayers are best targeted.  I know future plans of each one.  And perhaps, in the future, a face-to-face opportunity will arise with each one. 

But for now, thanks to A.G. Bell – I’ve moved a little closer, at least in the heart!