1/2 million dollar machinery

Moody's grand opening - Nov 15, 2012As I stood beside some farmers, I asked what this tractor would cost.  Their estimates were around $500,000.  I’m not sure how close they were – my guess is that they were within the ballpark.  With the tractor is Bob Watson, service manager at Moody’s, giving some perspective on the size!  And he’s over 6′ tall!

I had been invited to attend the grand opening of Moody’s, a farm implement and construction firm in Kindersley.  I appreciated the free steak dinner, and the company of friends, and the opportunity to see what farmers are looking at these days. 

I ventured by the Farm Credit Corporation.  The helpful “sales” people helpfully showed me that my income and even my retirement savings wouldn’t even come close to starting a viable farm here on the prairies.  Disappointed, I picked up one of their very nice pens and walked away.

Thanks to Eric Friesen, manager for the Kindersley branch of Moody’s, for the invitation.  As a part of our congregation, he seeks to live a Christian life in the marketplace.  Anyone who pushes beyond the safety of a private spirituality and is willing to live as an open Christian deserves praise in my books!

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