When the work day starts earlier

As I was preparing to head off to work yesterday, the phone rang.  Now, that is most often not good news.  I was headed into a busy day with our seniors luncheon and choir practices and other appointments.

The voice on the other end was a little croaky.  Sick would describe the person at the end of the voice.  Up all night.  Not doing well.  And he was our scheduled speaker for our seniors luncheon.

Now, I guess I’m learning to be spontaneous.  Or at least to trust God to make a way!  I certainly could not criticize sickness – but I could graciously offer to pray for a quick healing and for rest.  Which I did.

The schedule for our luncheon did have some wiggle room – sing a song a little longer, eat a little slower, and enjoy each others company.  When the luncheon was done, we walked out having had “fellowship” that was wholesome and helpful.  And trusting our intended speaker would soon be recovered!

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