Only seems like yesterday I held my wife in my arms as she collapsed and within hours passed away.  I checked my calendar this past week and 1/2 a year has gone by. 

Michael W. Smith has a song called “Welcome Home”.  I chanced up it as I was riding in my car over the weekend.  The scenario painted in the lyrics is of a surviving loved one grieving at the funeral of the deceased.  And then the picture changes to that of angels welcoming the loved one home.

I see no better place for Jill than for her to be with Jesus.  Her heart is healed, her hurts are mended and she walks with Jesus and with angels.  A better place could not be found. 

You wonder, as life continues on and new relationships form, will you forget.  Six months later, was I forgetting almost 40 years of wonder?

As I sat listening to the song, I realized that I do not forget.  I relish the past and will always be informed by a loved one I do not forget.  At the same time I move with anticipation and excitement into the future.  Who knows what God has in store for me! 

I’m just glad that Jill has been welcomed home, and that she is enjoying her life with Jesus right now!  Now- that’s a picture I wish our earthly cameras could capture, six months later!