Artifacts and a new world

Saturday I sat in on our local museum’s Annual General Meeting.  In large part I was there to support Michelle McMillan, who rents from me.  I was also there as an interested citizen.  A few decades ago I was a member of the Saskatchewan Museums Association as I was working on archives and such (a story for another day).  I was interested to see what was happening at our local museum.

The items on the agenda were mostly mundane.  This was the largest attendance at an AGM – over 20, probably closer to 25 present.  Usually it’s a mere handful of directors.

The most interesting part came at the point of discussing the constitution.  Apparently there were misconceptions – some who had worked to create the constitution expected to see a Board of Directors that was two-tiered.  The constitution apparently has only one tier for a Board of Directors. 

Well, discussion was interesting.  I threw in my two cents worth (OK, maybe I added a bit more than two cents worth).  In the end, the meeting adjourned and the discussion continued.  It will take a while to integrate the ideas but I sense that this museum is headed in a solid direction.

May our museum expose our citizenry to the legacy we have created and inspire us to greater good and service here in Kindersley.

Oh, and I love going to meetings – perhaps it is a part of the administration portion of my life, but they just get my crank going (an illusion there to old cars, hand starting, . . . a good museum thing!).

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