Beef Barley Soup

I have a label on my desk from some soup I took out of the freezer lately.  “Beef Barley Soup – May 16/12 – Jill & Ron”.  Delicious soup and great nourishment.

Not only for the body, but for the soul.  The soup was prepared by Marilyn – the label dates the soup to May 16th, the day we headed in to Saskatoon for Jill’s heart test and her eventual cardiac arrest.   The next day she passed away.

In some cases these graces – food delivered and services rendered – just come because of a role a pastor has in the community.  A pastor receives services “just because”.  Out of duty only.  Thankfully, this has seldom been the case for me.

In this case . . . the case is that Marilyn was and is a friend who remains.  Since Jill’s passing I’ve had meals from her, she has played piano for me, I’ve enjoyed talking with her just about life.  And in many ways our friendship has become deeper.

May we all find friends who make beef barley soup!

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