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The habits of life — 3 Comments

  1. I learded very early in life about having a daily routine in different areas. Some that I followed rigidly for many years I am questioning re their real value timewise, and eternally. It did teach me schedules, whether I liked them or not though. I am constantly surprised though by others who seem to live spontaniously; dropping everything to do something else suddenly, and seemingly without consequenses. Just living life is a lesson in itself ! I like to plan ahead always. I like to be prepared but wish I could handle change of plans more easily ! Oh well, we are what we are, I guess ! Always room for improvement and that is for sure !

  2. I am a spontaneous person almost always. Rigid schedules drive me crazy and make me feel trapped. So I married a minister and our schedule is always planned in advance and every weekend is the same with the same commitments to church. haha I am getting used to it. Schedules stress me out so it has been a great learning experience. I admire disciplined people with well thought out schedules.

  3. I have always over planned in my mind, then scheduled only the absolute must “do”s on the calendar (or now my phone) and then left myself open for the surprises in life. It keeps me from stressing out over the little things, gives me the latitude to enjoy new experiences and it helps me get to those dental appointments on time! (:

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