The discussion around the supper table last night centered on words.  Do two negative words make a positive?  What would “failed miserably” really mean?  Would it not mean that you were a success?  And so the conversation went – as the evaluation of my turkey supper was undertaken.

Experimental Turkey December 20, 2012 small In the end, the verdict?  A very good supper, tasty and well plated.  The gravy worked well, as did the turkey, accompanied by green beans and corn, along with a tossed salad.  Completed by mint chocolate ice cream. 

And then we figured out I had left the stuffing in the oven to warm.  So Ted and I both indulged a bit more repast, enjoying the delights of the stuffing all by itself.

A success?  Yes.  Did I fail miserably?  Yes. 

How good is that!