Well, I’m back. 

A few days down at my daughter’s over Christmas was refreshing.  My son, Tim, was able to drive up from Chicago, my daughter’s family were all there (although sickness was also present), and Cynthia, the lady I am courting, was able to come and meet my kids!

Each morning I was out walking.  The town of Birch Hills, where Alli lives, is small enough I could march around it in less than 40 minutes.  I bundled up in long underwear, scarf and good mitts.  That was good for me – exercise never hurt when you are eating.

And eat we did.  We cooked a turkey and made pies.  Ate a cheeseball and snacked on a myriad of other foods.  All good but fattening.  5 pounds worth. So now I’m working that off at home.

Here are the kids, grandkids and I.  What fun.

Family photo - December 27, 2012