I had mentioned previously that I was courting a lady by the name of Cynthia.  These last few days she has had the opportunity to meet some of my community.  This has included my children, church folk from here in Kindersley and touring around Kindersley.

Now, first time meeting and greeting is never easy.  You are put in a place of being vulnerable.  The person you are talking to has no experience with you.  They may have heard stories that introduced you, but they don’t know you.  Tiring might be a way to describe this.

By mid-afternoon yesterday a few minutes break was just what we needed.  I, the planner, had of course set up all sorts of meals and coffee times.  At the best of times, even pastors seldom have this many appointments.

Into the evening, with more than enough names and faces running around her brain, Cynthia headed off to her lodgings at 10:00 last night.  She will take the early part of Sunday morning by herself, come to our church service, and again start the round of meet and greet. 

So far, so good.  And, might I add, she is a great person to be with as we socialize with my world!  I forgot to mention that the weekend will also include a funeral we will attend for my aunt, a meal with some of my siblings and much more of that meet and greet stuff (I hear my relatives saying – “be nice to the girl – give her some time off!!”).