Prayer in perspective

For the last while I have approached the miraculous with a very close view. 

I asked God to heal me – and I watch every day as he gives me strength and daily health.  I no longer take medications and trust God for physical vitality. 

I listened to God a few years ago talk about 2×2.  This was the idea, now in a very real way reality, of seeing a congregation, in two years, grow in Sunday service attendance from around 60 or 65 to double that amount. 

A few years ago we, as  a church, we watched the unexpected happen.  We had wanted an intern, but for five years we could not find one.  Then God gave us the unexpected (which resulted in a full time staff member), and we continue to watch to see where our staffing will go next. 

I had asked for years for healing for my wife Jill, and God chose to provide a complete healing.  And for me, God has given an enlarged heart as I look forward to a new marriage.

So, I’m trying to process what should just be common knowledge.  God answers prayer.  In both the small and the big.

And I ask myself as I consider prayer with God – what world should I live in – a small one of little hope, or a big one where God speaks and creation is born?

2 thoughts on “Prayer in perspective

  1. well, now I sure do hope you pick a big one where God speaks and creation is born!!

    I know that I expect more and more to see and hear God’s voice and His Hand at work.

    And then — expect it to become LARGER!!

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