Things discussed look different on paper

I’ve lasted long enough in life to know that plans become very real when they sit on paper.  As I have been courting, the plans we discussed have covered the basic areas of excitement and concern – both our own and others.

Yesterday we sat, taking snippets of thoughts and scraps of paper, and put things into some type of order on paper.  We discussed timelines more thoroughly.  We looked at contacts and talked about moving – all topics we had touched on in our conversations and now were pulling together.

To-do lists are great.  They give direction.  They can also put a whole new perspective on life.  When things are laid out in front of you, you realize that, “we are really going to do this, aren’t we.” 

I’m enjoying taking one step at a time.  Note that I did not say that I always like the next step.  Sometimes the tough – against the flow – type of advance feels just that, tough.  But I do not want to become a stagnant pool, so one step at a time it is!

Now, where is that list??

One thought on “Things discussed look different on paper

  1. I would hope that we all could take one step at a time…and in the forward direction. Although there will be numerous challenges along the way, we can take comfort in the knowledge that God is at our side to guide us on our journey.

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