For the sake of others

Jesus stressed that leadership was for the sake of others.  We are to be servants. 

When we work together  in community, we are in a “body” that must depend on others.  This requires being open to serving others.  No part is greater than another part – some have more prominence but each part contributes.

One of the first questions that couples should ask as they look are courting is, “what are you expecting?”  If the only answer (deep inside) is physical fulfilment, or someone to provide support, or even just someone to show off – you have missed the point. 

Where lies the depth of marriage is in being willing to serve each other.  Practically this is exhibited in being sure the other person is the very best person that God has created them to be. 

That is not an easy answer to give.  And fulfilling that purpose is not easy either.  There are days in which placing another person’s needs ahead of your own needs doesn’t seem to make sense.  But in the long run (and that’s what marriage is about), serving another person is God’s priority.  That makes sense. 

Where God directs – always good to take that path!!

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