Garbage bags and providence

So, I’m driving on our highway that goes through town.  I see a garbage bag in the lane ahead of me.  No cars ahead of me for blocks.

Thinking that hitting the bag of garbage would not be good for me or for others, I pulled over.  Jumping out of the car I retrieved the bag. 

The bag was not full of garbage!  Rather, the contents were cans and recyclables.  All the better!

You see, our children’s club is in the middle of a bottle drive.  We leaders are attempting to get more cans than the clubbers.  And so far, we are winning – and now for sure we can push to the top!

How is it that doing a good deed can end up being to your benefit? 

I believe that we need to do what is right (righteous) and leave the rest up to God.  Not a bad way to live!

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