I was talking with a fellow on Wednesday.  He mentioned how his Christmas Eve was surrounded by service to others, family together and celebration of Christmas.  In the midst of all this an oppressive sense of loneliness descended on him.  No reason – other than the fare of war in the spiritual realm. 

I related to that type of loneliness – just such a sense had descended on me just hours prior to our discussion.  My life is filled with friendships and service, but this unbeckoned emotion just arrived.

We know that there will be things happen around us that are beyond physical, psychological and even emotional control.  And often, we go our merry way each day, tending to forget this!

As I understand my Christian approach to life, nothing happens without God’s knowledge.  Our response should be to seek out God, get in on the happenings, and fight for the God’s kingdom in all the realms of life.

Which has me thinking!  Perhaps joining with others in spiritual warfare is the immediate call for those who are touching the borders of the evil one.  Perhaps my own prayers are more needed than I know.

A few reflections on chatting with a friend.