Last night’s conversation was along the lines of timing.  Being engaged with a distance between means that the quick face-to-face is four hours one way!

But F2F (now I’m starting to get into the texting mode here!!) is important.  Skype or Google+ are helpful, but more often than not distracting for me.  I have trouble when a voice is not always synced with the mouth that is speaking.  I might as well just phone!  Of course, some days it can work well, but others . . .

So, yesterday meant that we tried to set up some times when we would be together over the next months prior to marriage.  Our rule of thumb (I’ve wondered if there is a rule of the toe!) is to try twice a month to touch base.  Setting these dates to coincide with special days – grads, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. – gives another reason to be together.

Now, with the scrap of paper in hand, I will try to put this into a calendar.  Not sure everything will come together, but best to plan ahead.

I wonder if other areas of life sometimes get left behind because we don’t plan ahead.  When the pen comes to paper – or is that keyboard ends in a spreadsheet – action often follows! 

At least that’s the way I find life!

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