The wind doth blow

Awakening this morning meant hearing the wind.  Not just a little bit, but one of those “big bits!”

Accompanying the wind was a small bit of snow.  Just enough to cover the driveway and the sidewalk.  As I shoveled, I realized that this was not the usual direction of wind.  Instead of heaving shovelfuls of snow into the wind, the wind was assisting me.

All fine and well if I was not on a corner lot.  The wind began to find ways to enter my parka.  A sneak breath of cold air here.  An unexpected pinch there.  Nothing you couldn’t handle.  If you only stayed outside for a few minutes.

I quickly wrapped up the morning’s exercise and got back inside.  Thankful that this was not a full blown blizzard, although full blown it was! 

I live in a country where the heat was on when I stepped inside.  The shower will be warm.  And I can drive on roads that are cleared.  After hearing a story of gypsies in Romania this past Sunday, I want to be sure my mind and heart both give thanks for all I have. 

A little breeze can blow in a reminder of a hurricane of blessings!

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