Further on initiative

Continuing to read in McManus – Chasing Daylight

[Henry Blackaby’s] insight that we should look for what God is doing and then get in on it has moved us to greater obedience.  Yet I think it’s important to add that while God has been working in human history since He breathed life into Adam, there are many things yet to be done, and beyond this, many things yet to be begun. 

There may be another question that needs to be asked beyond “What is God doing?” and that is this this:  “What is God dreaming?”  Is there something that God wants initiated and He’s waiting for someone to volunteer?  In Isaiah the Lord said to His people, “Open your eyes! I am doing a new thing.  Will you even be aware of it?”  (Is. 42:19)

In every movement, no matter how big or small, someone went first.  Isn’t the essence of spiritual leadership someone who is willing to follow God first and closest?   (p. 53)

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