Life Lessons Learned Living with Jesus

If I had met Jesus in the second decade of my life, and had the opportunity to be his friend for the rest of my life, what would that look like? 

Quite literally, what would that look like?

Or more accurately what does that look like?  In many ways this blog is just that experience!

As the church calendar goes, Lent is that space where Jesus’ life is lived between childhood and the week before he dies (OK, this is a generalization, but a good way to look at it).

We have asked our church family and friends to write two to three paragraphs on Life Lessons Learned Living with Jesus.  The easiest way is to zero in on one life lesson you have learned.  Only 2 – 3 paragraphs.  One life lesson (OK, some are able to squeeze in a few more lessons in just a few short paragraphs!).  Something that has stuck.

We’ll publish (make public) these lessons over the Lenten season (which begins on February 13th).  I’ve seen a few of the short thoughts arrive in the church office.  I am amazed and excited to see this collection.

What would you put in your paragraphs? 

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