Live Lessons Learned Living with Jesus – 001

Before the miracles!

When Jill died, life changed. I was given an opportunity to reshape life. In those first days, I continued to awaken at 3:00 in the morning. I wondered, at first, should I get up. For more than 15 years this had been my habit. I would read the Bible and journal and pray over my previous day’s journey. Over the years, Jesus spoke to me in these times, and my own life was put into perspective.

When life brings a new normal, the easy thing is to forsake the harder disciplines in your life. Would I slouch into the day and leave aside my morning physical exercise? Would I isolate myself and never entertain again? Would I quit seeking the advice of others and steer life selfishly?

These and many other long-time disciplines came into question. I wanted to move immediately into a new dimension of life! But Jesus kept calling me to be faithful. In one early morning session with Him, He seemed to say to me, “Trust yourself.” Take all that I had learned from Jesus over the past six decades, continue doing what I was doing to seek Him, and then do whatever came to mind.

I am finding my excitement with this new thrust in my life comes from reliance on Jesus. Regardless of what life puts in front of me, as Paul says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)

I want to be faithful in the small things, the disciplines I have developed, in order to see greater things from God. And in these past few months, I have seen God doing amazing miracles, including personal physical healing. Now I awaken each day wondering what Jesus has in mind. It just might be the impossible!!

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