Our church annual meeting has a tradition of pies. 

Not throwing them.  Eating them!

Each year we ask people to bring a pie.  In previous years I sat back and let Jill pick and choose our contribution. 

This year, I was left to consider what I might do.

My choice?  Use up some more of my freezer contents.  There was a two-pack of pie shells.  Surprisingly, they were in fairly good shape (although they had been moved and cajoled more than once in this past year).  Another packet held peach pie ingredients.  And a further packet had frozen raw pumpkin.

With a little help from the internet, I was able to prepare two pies.  I have left them in their baked state (in other words, I haven’t tasted them yet!).  Tonight I will place them before an adoring audience.  And I will soon find out what ingredients were left out, or what more could have been done.

All for the sake of learning to bake!

Believe it or not, I’m loving it!

2 thoughts on “Pies

  1. You had better check the dates on some of that stuff in your freezer, Ron. Maybe it is time to throw out anything that is more than 6 months as taste and texture is affected. If you are going to the trouble of baking get fresh ingredients.

  2. I do love fresh ingredients! No doubt that they have a better texture and taste. I am going through the freezer and trying to keep up to date. I’ve noticed particularly that pastry and breads don’t last too long! Freezer burn is no fun!!

    The peach pie turned out very well – I actually ate two pieces and others were quite surprised at how good it tasted. Must have been fresh peaches when they were frozen.

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