Well, my pie turned out well.  One of my Sunday School students asked his mother to bring some home – not sure if he wanted to try it out, or to see how bad it was!! 

After our meeting, around the pie, we began to talk some politics.  I was reminded, as I returned home, that I had written but never published a thought on politics.  So, below is that thread – hopefully it will make sense!

The purpose of temporal tranquility, which well ordered policies establish and maintain, is to give opportunities for contemplating truth.  – Thomas Aquinas – Commentary on the Ethics.

I suppose over the past while I have enjoyed the arena that is often called politics. 

I recognize that there is real distrust of those who create policy and seek to order institutions.  Politics is found not only in the public realm, but the church also experiences this.  A recent letter from the President of our denomination indicates how that distrust can creep in and disturb tranquility.

What drives me to be committed to my community – whether that is the public square or the ecclesiastical structure?  I do want to see a time and place where people can, with civility, seek together the truth. 

Creating that foundation is not easy.  Robert’s Rules of Order is just one attempt to help us create that foundation.  Peacekeeping measures that help with conflict resolution is another.  And leadership that actually believes that they are “under God” seems to be another.

The seeking of truth in tranquility allows for love to flow.  Where there is strife we generate hatred, distrust and slander (which is “not truth”).  Let’s find ways to love one another so that we have opportunities to contemplate truth!