I am on an adventure.   For basically a week’s time I have and will travel about 30 hours on the road.

Some of the roads were icy, and others are forecasted to have blowing snow.  For a prairie winter, that is not unusual but still requires focus. 

Some of the time will be with friends and family.  Others by myself.  I don’t mind the chatter of family, I don’t mind the solitude of driving solo.

In between the travels I will preach and be a part of a Board of Elders meeting.  Pleasure and work combined will make this week memorable.

So, if you do not see a lot of blog entries – you’ll know why.  Doesn’t mean I have nothing to report.  In fact, the opposite is probably true.

As some have told me in these past few days – may you have safe travels.  As some of you travel over this “Family Day” weekend, may you also have safe travels – and bring back great memories!!