Not often do I have a combination day of coffee and chocolate.

Coffee is not my preferred beverage and I seldom drink it.  In the midst of the morning’s activities, I combined coffee with chocolate, not realizing what most people know.  Two shots of caffeine are better than one!  And one is more than enough for me.

By mid afternoon (the morning repast was in my blood system by then) I was well on the way to a day of busy-ness.  Not that there weren’t things to be done – there were. 

Every once in while I would look to see how the time was going.  Way too fast!  And so I ended up skimming past coffee break (good thing – didn’t need more coffee!), into the supper hour and past the nine o’clock hour without feeling a need for a break.

The operative word here is “need” for a break.  By 10:00 in the evening I was starting to yawn, and I sensed the caffeine had worn off. 

As unusual as this event was, I’m just not sure being artificially pumped up is the best way to complete all the tasks of a day.  Which makes me wonder how a Tim Horton’s society survives! 

At a fast pace, but at what price?