Today is a day off.

Now, for the last few weeks I have had a number of “days off”.  Traveling here and there, visiting friends, family and fiance.  Accumulating hours of work to accommodate for the days off has been tiring.  Worthwhile, but tiring.

Today is the first day in quite awhile that I have stayed home, done “home” things and enjoyed the quiet.

I started the day changing out a washer on a tap.  I had set aside an hour or two – you never know.  Done in 15 minutes.  And wondering why I hadn’t worked on this weeks ago.

Then off to figure out the fixing of my garage door opener.  Yesterday some gears had been stripped and the door no longer opened.  A replacement would be easier in the long run – other things could start to go on a 20 year old motor and system. 

The local hardware store suggested a simple solution.  I brought the system home and looked it over.  Other than the brand name being different, everything else proved to merely be replacing old parts with new.  In a few hours the garage door is opening as it should!

And to finish off the early afternoon, my daughter phoned. 

How good a day is that!!