On Sunday I preached on being crucified with Christ.

Now, for most people that phrase is totally foreign.  Crucifixion is a form of execution.  Not nice 2,000 years ago, still not nice today.  The idea is that we decide to be a follower of Jesus by giving up on ourselves and letting Jesus lead.

In the church, this practice is the orthodox view of Christianity.  Within that heritage there are a number of areas that are fairly well defined.  I mentioned some of these on Sunday, relating that in our society we will be “crucified” if we hold to these varying statements.

Over the years, even within the church, there have been those who have decided that they would like to widely vary from these time tested statements.  And so, we live in a society that has what I would call heretical views on various areas. 

The question for many of us is, how far away from our heritage do we go before we become heretical?  The councils of the churches over the years have helped to determine this (now I’m into a history lesson!!).  The straightforward meaning of Christian Scripture gives guidance.  And, I might add, for many who are exploring differing views, the Spirit of God pinches and pleads – until either a decision to return is made, or the voice is ignored.

Thoughts on meditating on my own sermon!  I guess if the preacher doesn’t listen, why should anyone else 🙂