The hour long drive was on roads that were not bad, but a bit icy.  The meal was fantastic, pulled beef.  And the training session had some pithy insights.

Imagine working in a country where you cannot be seen as the leader.  Everything you do must come from others.  You cannot assume any official titles.  How then shall you lead?

Our speaker came from that situation.  His thoughts were well grounded in Scripture and experience.

Prayer – start there!  Hear what God has to say.  Spend time in meetings praying!

Programs – the important thing is not the program, but the person.  Their life in Christ, and how they are passing that on to others is paramont.

Teach – Make your first teaching task to tell people about God – how to hear from God, how to live in God, how to be holy people.  Reporting on the progress of programs should begin with reporting on how the people are doing spiritually in their own lives.

Aim high – what if our goal was to have all people become mature in Christ, to be fully Christlike in all they say and do? 

That is just a start on some of my thoughts.  But a good start!