A revaluation of property assessment has just taken place.  For the sake of transparency, I am thankful that I can check on how the houses on my block are assessed for tax purposes.  

I realized soon into examining assessed values of other houses that there are various ways in which prices are determined.  Mine is valued on a comparison basis. 

I am thankful that someone thinks my house, in comparison to others, is a good value.  I’m not sure selling the house at this point would get the assessed value.  But I would hope to attain that price.

Which is to say, for small town Saskatchewan, prices are fairly high.  I understand that prices just an hour down the road,  in a smaller town, are much cheaper.

But this is Saskatchewan.  Assessed prices may be what they are, but the question is whether you can find a house that is available for sale.  We live in a booming economy.  Housing is at a premium.  Which may also mean that demand may even create higher prices.

Now, all this meandering is to say that I’m very glad for the purchase made a few years ago.  I have a nice house in which I live, with room for others as well!  And to be quite honest – I also live in one of the best neighbourhoods in town!  I like my neighbours!  Which is an intangible in valuing a house.  Perhaps my house is worth more just because of my good neighbours! 

I just wonder how an assessor takes that into account!!