5:02 this morning.

That’s when Spring arrived.  I look out the window and see a few feet of snow on the ground.  I hear wind beginning to howl and a forecast of snow in the next few days.  The temperature remains on the freezing side.

And Spring is here.  Not just on the way.  Spring is here.

For all our thoughts of Spring  being robins and green grass, worms arising and lawns being mowed – this is on the way!

I wrote in my journal that my life is much like this.  I have gone through a period of winter, where tough and exhilarating have stood side by side.  Often the morning has been dark, but the day has carried glimpses of brilliance. 

Today, I determined to consider Spring arising.  I am  not only looking underneath the circumstances, I am expecting the circumstances to reveal a new day.  Where the seeds that have been dormant over the winter season begin to germinate into new growth.

Hope Springs!