For those in the equatorial areas of the world, this has no meaning at all!

But for those of us used to snow and road conditions, this is not good!

Roads west and south of town are closed.  The drifting and snow of the last day or so has caught up to us (actually it was with us yesterday).  We have cancelled a morning prayer time because those travelling in from out of town . . . And last night our children’s program was cancelled as well.

Not that we couldn’t have braved the roads.  I was able to make it to the church last night.

But you don’t know how the next few hours will fare, and travelling when the sun is not up is treacherous.

Having said all this, I did learn one new thing.  The pelting of hurricane speed wind blowing snow is good for the skin.  Much like a sandblaster that cleans the excess off a wall, I’m sure my old dead skin was blasted from my face.  I felt my face shortly after being outside and it was smooth (OK, I do have a few whiskers, but the overall effect was amazing!).

So, in the midst of some of the worst winter for some time, I find joy in the weather!  May your day be joyful as well!