So, off to Calgary I did not go!

The roads are not the greatest and so we decided last night (three of us pastors) that the class on rural church ministry could wait for another time (April 5th looks good).  So, the morning light dawned and here I sit.

Not without humor launching a good thinking time!  Here is a version of the Lord’s prayer that has some truth to it!!  Picked it up from Patrick Laughlin, a youth from a few years back.

our father, who art a craftsman,
prefectionist be thy name
thy power tools hum,
thy walls be plumb,
as they are in the basement,
give us this day a utility shed
and forgive us our borrowed tools
as we forgive those who borrow tools from us
and lead us not into renovation,
but deliver us from moving,
for thine is the hammer,
and the Skilsaw,
and the Duct tape,
Forever and ever,