This morning I was riding my exercise bike and reading an ordination paper (and also a college assignment paper) by my associate pastor, Ryan Lee.

I was blown away.  I should be getting used to it.  Last week his sermon on Luke 11 mined some thoughts that I have not heard explained anywhere else. 

This article is on the church.  Ryan uses the Greek of the original Biblical text, he searches the early church and relates to our current Canadian situation.  Then he comes to the end of his paper.  He tells us the church is not a group of lapdogs but a gathering of wolves!  Here I will quote some of his thoughts – hopefully you will catch where he is going!

The origins of the assembly of Christ in Canada could not be described by anything resembling a lapdog. The explorers, pioneers, and settlers of our wild Nation, boldly relied on God and his calling.

Not lapdogs, but wolves.  Majestic animals that work together in a pack, an assembly even, they work together in perfect unison to accomplish their goal to maintain their survival. Wolves cry out, with an eerily beautiful call, to the great light in the darkness, joined by the song of brothers and sisters, chilling the very blood of their enemies.

The assembly of Christ in Canada needs to be wolves once again. Crying out with the Gospel [of] Jesus, the great light in the darkness, a cry which gathers the voices of all the brothers and sisters of His assembly. It is that chorus of howls which will shake the very gates of Hell to dust in our Nation.