Yes, the Bible actually mentions Freedom 55!  And you thought it was only a marketing gimmick (and we now see parodies on it – Freedom 95, etc.)

Go to the last chapter of II Kings (25) and the last part (27-30).  Funny things you find as you do daily readings through the Bible.

Let’s start counting.  Back in 24:8 we are told that Jehoiachin was 18 years old.  He was dethroned quickly and led into captivity.  Now in 25:27 we are told he is in his 37th year of captivity. 

18 + 37 = 55!!

At 55 Jehoiachin is released from prison – given his FREEDOM.

At this point he is given a retirement allowance.  He got new clothes, he ate at the king’s table and he was given a place of status.

Interesting that  this is how II Kings ends.  So I skipped over to the book of Matthew and in the first chapter saw that Jehoiachin was in the lineage of Jesus Christ.  From Freedom to Freedom.  There may be a lesson in this??