When you work on behalf of someone else, the joy is in the serving.  At least, I find enjoyment in that opportunity.

I suppose one of the greatest thrills then is when you can provide a benefit to a person – and they respond with an unexpected gift.

Some days this winter I have shovelled snow for my neighbours.  This is an early morning enjoyment of mine.  Besides, it keeps me healthy and in shape.

The other day one of the recipients of my enjoyment came by.  Just to say how much they appreciated this – and could they give a gift to me for my upcoming wedding. 

Totally unexpected!  Gladly welcomed. 

So, although we are not asking for wedding gifts (we contemplated a gift registry – for about a minute – and then decided a garage sale on our part was what we needed!), we have our first gift! 

And we are thankful. 

With such a great group of people surrounding me, I just want to say what a great block I live on!!