I awoke this morning.  My mind was focused on two visions.

This is Easter Sunday.  The first Easter morning, 2,000 years ago, saw resurrection.  No longer was Jesus dead, he was alive.  Forever.  I will go to a meeting with others who celebrate this reality.  I will find joy in the fact of resurrection.  With Christ’s resurrection comes the outflow of resurrection.  In a coming time, there will be a whole host of those who are alive and clothed in a new body, because of the resurrection of Jesus.

The second vision is the reality that I am in the first Easter since my wife died.  I lament her loss.  Last year we sat together celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.  I now live with a new reality.  Jill is no longer here.  But one day we will be back together, in new bodies, alive!!

Two visions.  Heightened reality.  Death is conquered!