Again! Snow!

So, I’m out shoveling snow this morning around 7:00.  The night shift from the nearby seniors home is just out.  One of my neighbours wanders by.

Wishes me, “Merry Christmas”!

Now, that is a great way to start the day!  On Sunday!

Easter is now past and I think I would add, “Happy Easter.”

The conversation then continued. . .

“I bet you didn’t think you’d be shoveling snow again.”

“No, I wasn’t counting on it.”

At this point we both finished that thread of conversation.  I guess we have had over a half year of winter and enough has been said.

I look forward to the changing of seasons.  As in my life, change sometimes happens at a rate other than the expected.  Some days I figure grief and sorrow are past, and a weepy day arises.  Not that life will not change, just that a bit of snow still is falling.

And the snow waters the ground of a new day.  I look forward to green grass and new possibilities.

God knows best!

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