The retreat

One friend of mine never uses the word “retreat” for a refreshing time away.  I understand that.  I hope to come away with an “advance” instead of a retreat.

And so the last few days are more an advance than a retreat!  There are things that needed to be done.  Things that needed to be caught up on.  Things that were unexpected.  Things that led to refreshment.

Invitations for our upcoming wedding needed to be completed and addresses confirmed.  Registrations and incoming emails needed to be dealt with.  And, blessing of blessings, I was able to attend a Bible study on prayer – I had been following the group through email and reading of a study guide – now I got to actually sit down with other participants and interact.

And so, driving back today I was thankful.  This retreat had been a treat.  May there be many more to come.  In keeping my own health, I am hoping to be able to serve others without killing myself!

One thought on “The retreat

  1. In certain races, slow and steady is the appropriate pace. I’m certain you are able to adopt the pace that best suits your abilities. Glad that your retreat was indeed a treat. Regards.

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