I believe

I’m putting away my snow shovels!

This is in faith believing that we will not have a great snow storm in the next while.  I say that, because yesterday I was driving in snow.  Not a lot, but it was still snow.

And, I am making sure that I know where my rakes and spring equipment are to be found. 

This is in faith believing that green will grow soon.  I’ve seen hints of the green when I brush snow and leaves off the lawn.  Not a lot, but enough to keep the faith!

This has been a longer winter than most.  Evidence is found in the halls and gathering places.  Our normal topic of conversation, the weather, has become abnormal in how much time it occupies.

And so, farewell to winter.  Hello spring!  In faith believing – and knowing that God has created the seasons, I hold that with conviction!!

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