What’s in the Bible

When doing work becomes pleasure makes life so much more enjoyable.

We have been looking for curriculum for our Family Bible School this coming fall.  We’ve checked on-line curriculum, gone to the mainstream publishers catalogues and even contemplated writing our own.

Then, one day, a couple mentioned a series of videos they were watching.  The young daughter and her dad had to have the videos pried out of their hands in order for us to preview them.

Now I know why.  I have completed three of the DVD’s and I’m sold on the series! 

The series is called, “What’s in the Bible?”.  Produced and narrated by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, there is that same sense of humor and candid approach.  The series uses puppets, and even has outtakes on the DVD! 

A take off on Sesame Street, and with all sorts of other references to our current society, the series has me laughing and thinking.  Some things were so easily put that now I have a new understanding that seven years of college/seminary didn’t give me.

Recommended for your viewing, if you have the opportunity! 

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