winter plants bloom with flowers - May 19, 2013 Sometimes I wonder how life works. 

In the fall of this year I had two plants I was watering.  Both had blossoms on them previously.  Now they were just sticks or foliage.  Someone told me they had to winter the year and in the spring they would blossom.

One is a begonia, the other – the other an African violet – I think??

Over the winter I continued to water them.  The begonia was particularly interesting.  The stick that was there grew a bit, even started to twist and turn in new ways.

I went away for a few days last week.  When I came back flowers were blooming – almost in full force.  Yesterday, a day after the first anniversary of my wife’s death, they were out and about.  The colour was beautiful.  Just months before there were no flowers and I almost thought they were about to die.

I kind of think my life over this past year has been much the same.  While others may have looked on, they may not have seen blossom on the way – they may even  have seen  barrenness and my branches taking new paths.  But now, somehow there is a spring occurring in my life.  I am sensing blossoms appearing.

I wonder how life will look a few months from now??